Why we need Morrow Manor.

Access to safe, supportive housing makes the difference.

Housing, advocacy service providers, and domestic violence shelters across the country have discovered that those who have left their homes due to domestic violence are likely to be more successful if the time limits imposed on access to housing are extended. A supportive, safe place to call home allows an individual survivor or one with children the opportunity to establish and accomplish goals, and achieve an economically and emotionally secure life.

While emergency services such as the ALIVE Shelter address the immediate need for safe housing with average stays of 65 days. Morrow Manor, a supportive housing project, allows the survivor and her or his family to receive housing and supportive services for a longer period of time—up to six years, if needed.

A new life journey begins at Morrow Manor:

  • Stability and affordable housing
  • On-going advocacy and support
  • Convenient access to schools, shopping, transportation, and other essential services
  • Options to explore careers and education
  • Renewed self-confidence and pathways to self-sufficiency
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A Survivor's Story - Harriet

Harriet’s story starts like so many others with only occasional violent attacks, which she is able to ignore for the sake of the family. Over time, the controlling and jealousy became too much and the violent attacks too severe to be ignored any longer.

Just where will Harriet go from here?

A legacy of support.

For more than twenty years, the Poulsbo Rotary Club and the YWCA of Kitsap County have partnered to find solutions for survivors of domestic violence.

The Campaign to Build Brighter Tomorrows is a joint effort of the Poulsbo Rotary Club and the YWCA of Kitsap County to create Morrow Manor, and to assure its long-term success, positive outcomes, and sustainability. In addition to directing the fundraising in the construction phase, the Poulsbo Rotary Club has pledged $12,000 for ten years ($120,000) for the YWCA of Kitsap County to manage and provide support services at Morrow Manor. The city of Poulsbo will develop and maintain the surrounding public park.

Rotary Club of Poulsbo Logo

The Poulsbo Rotary Club has long worked to provide solutions for domestic violence. The Club established a Domestic Violence Committee in 1996 with the purpose of raising regional awareness of domestic violence, and to support agencies such as the YWCA of Kitsap County already dedicated to providing services and solutions to survivors. In 2003, the Club helped fund and open Eli’s Place in Poulsbo, which offers two units of short-term transitional housing, now managed by the YWCA of Kitsap County for support of resident families.

YWCA of Kitsap County Logo

Since the formation of the YWCA of Kitsap County in 1948, it has continued to be a leading advocate for women and children, and is the only state-approved provider of domestic violence services in Kitsap County. The YWCA of Kitsap County established the 17-bed ALIVE (Alternatives to Living in a Violent Environment) Shelter in 1978, and began to offer victims of domestic violence services including case management, advocacy-based counseling, parenting skills education, food, clothing, and transportation. In 2011, Tersha’s House in Silverdale was created, providing two more short-term transitional residences for domestic violence survivors.

The Park.

Morrow Manor is uniquely located in a peaceful residential community.

Morrow Manor Park
  1. Multi-Use Paved Trail
  2. Understory Vegetation
  3. Restroom
  4. Buffer Vegetation
  5. Privacy Fencing
  6. Preserve Existing Trees and “Limb Up”
  7. Climbing Wall
  8. Tree Fort - Custom
  1. Swings
  2. Boulders
  3. Bicycle Parking
  4. Arbor Structure
  5. Game Tables
  6. Entry Feature/Sign
  7. Paved Interior Trail
  8. Lawn Area
  1. Tot Toys
  2. Reading Room Sphere
  3. Gravel Trail
  4. Sensory Path
  5. On-Street Parking (ADA)
  6. Dirt Trail/Parkour Course
  7. Supportive Housing Units